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Lab Furniture

The new design of laboratory furniture program The Saudi International Lab Expo will be shaping the laboratory of the future. The Saudi International Lab Expo can easily be adapted to ever new situations in a room due its flexible functional units. With our laboratory furniture sector at Saudi International Lab Expo we are providing an innovative, fully developed technology: be it with our laboratory workbenches, our laboratory cabinets, the service modules – first and foremost our service ceiling – or our laboratory fume cupboards. Our laboratory fume cupboards feature utmost occupational safety for your laboratory workplace, at best linked with laboratory room control system. Saudi Lab Expo will display a wide range of products/ accessories for your laboratory.

Lab Safety

Safe environment and safety equipment are essential to work in any sector and it becomes a necessity when you belong to a laboratory sector. In the Saudi International Lab Expo we will be exhibiting all the new equipment which are being used in the lab safety. All the new trends and techniques that is a must to know when you are working in a Lab sector. We be focusing on how to make your work place more safer and how to use and when to use the safety equipment. And the new safety equipment that are being used in different laboratory around the world and some future lab safety equipment.

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